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Hennessey High School Football Games

2024-2025 Student and Parent Policies


In order to provide a safe and orderly environment for all fans the following policies will be in place for all home and away football games.


  1. All elementary age students will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the game.

  2. All elementary, middle school, and high school students will need to be in the stands during the game sitting with their parents or friends. 

  3. If a parent is not supervising their child and the student is causing trouble or playing around, they will be told to go back to the stands for the remainder of the game.

  4. Students are not allowed on the visitor’s side or around the football field areas.

  5. Students that exit the game without a parent will be required to repay upon reentry. No exceptions. 

  6. Do not bring footballs or toys to the game.

  7. Adults are not allowed on the field or sidelines before or during the game. Any adult who confronts coaches on the field during a game or verbally assaults a school official will be escorted outside the stadium by police and will be banned from attending games the remainder of the season. 

  8. Adults please do not use inappropriate language directed at the referees. There are young children in the stands. You will be escorted out of the stadium by police. 

  9. New OSSAA rules state that 2 unsportsmanlike penalties against a coach, player, or a fan could lead to a season ending ban for our football team.